Sidsel is a stylist and blogger and I have always found her style cool and boyish with a twist. During fashion week I was taking a look at her blog and along with funny loafers and good looking people a MAANII bag suddenly appeared. That big and roomy black bag with all the holes is a MAANII by Adax bag. -And she is a bit on the front since this bag is for summer and will hit stores around April.

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3 Responses to Fashionpolish

  1. Rannveig says:

    Hei! Denne veska kunne jeg så absolutt tenkt meg! Du vet ikke hvor jeg kan få tak i den, tro? El artikkelnummer el noe jeg kan gi til butikkdamene? 😉

    Med vennlig hilsen
    Rannveig Odnes

    • maanii says:

      Hi Rannveig
      🙂 This bag is also on top of my wishlist.
      It will arrive in April since this bag is for the Summer 2012 collection. The no. of this bag is 625160.
      all the best

      • Rannveig says:

        Thank you very much! ;D Hopefully I can order this bag from one of the stores i
        n Trondheim.

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