February competition

Win a bag

As a follow up on Lous favourite things I found this bag from the same collection as Lous favourite bag. It’s from the Summer 2011 collection and is therefore not available in any shop anymore. It’s a little smaller than the one Lou got but with same front details and a long adjustable strap.

All you have to do is to ”like” this post, just click on the Facebook logo below

+ write your name in the comment box.

I will pick a winner next Sunday the 26. of February.


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25 Responses to February competition

  1. sara line batson says:

    Sara Line Batson

  2. Anonymous says:

    Christina Dyrmose:)

  3. Christina Dyrmose says:

    Christina Dyrmose

  4. Ditte says:

    Ditte Øland

  5. Maria Juhlin says:

    Maria Juhlin

  6. Anonymous says:

    Vibe Würth

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sarah Julie Høilund

  8. Rea Borovnjak says:

    Rea Borovnjak

  9. Helle Rønberg says:

    Helle Rønberg

  10. thea kristensen says:

    Thea Kristensen

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cecilie Baunegaard

  12. Marie Rønde says:

    Marie Rønde

  13. Eva Holme says:

    Eva Holme

  14. Susan Hartvich says:

    Susan Hartvich

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vani Rosdahl

  16. Malene grove says:

    Malene Grove

  17. Birthe Rostgaard Nygaard says:

    Birthe Rostgaard Nygaard

  18. Gitte Dueholm Simonsen says:

    Gitte Dueholm Simonsen

  19. Maria Jacobsen says:

    Maria Jacobsen

  20. Lone Munk Stig says:

    Lone Munk Stig

  21. trine friis says:

    Trine Friis

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