On my way to India

Dear Readers
I believe that back in time, when I started up this blog it was mainly to show you some “behind the scene”, how to build a collection and inspiration… But somehow in the middle of all the travelling, drawing, meetings, (coffee drinking, surfing on the internet, shopping, enjoying my new view) I seem to forget to update, take pictures and write down.
Now I’m off to India on Monday and was wondering what you could be interested in seeing:
Production from the factories/ tanneries?
Details from the new bags?
(me in the gym spa)?
Culture (”Old marked” where I never fail to find beautiful jewellery, fabric, books)

Here is some old pictures taken from earlier trips:IMG_1097 IMG_1092 DSC02441 DSC02413 DSC01547 DSC01533 DSC01522 DSC01515 DSC00336 DSC01503 DSC00295


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One Response to On my way to India

  1. Pia says:

    Fantastiske billeder. Mere af det.

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